Dear Friends,


This Sunday we celebrate the First Communion of eighteen of our Second Graders who have been preparing for this special moment for the last two years. The second group of students will receive First Holy Communion on May 19th at the 11am Mass.

We welcome all the family members and friends of our First Communion Class here to St. Louis de France Parish. Let us allow this day to transport ourselves back to the day when all of us received the Lord for the first time. May the simplicity of these boys and girls, welcoming the Eucharistic Lord into their hearts and souls, show us how to push aside the complications we allow to come between us and Jesus in order to give Jesus the prominence he deserves as the bread of Life!

For those who were not here last weekend and who didn’t receive the memo, Bishop Edgar da Cunha has assigned Father David Costa to be the pastor of the three parishes of St. Louis de France, St. Thomas More and St. Patrick’s. All three parishes will remain open, though there will be some adjustments to the weekend mass schedules, daily mass schedules and the Faith Formation Program.

At the same time, the Bishop has assigned me to be the pastor of St. Bernard Parish in Assonet. There is a letter from the Bishop detailing the plan to bring the three local parishes together. These are located on the tables near the doors of the Church. All assignments are effective on June 26, 2019. Meanwhile, let us pray for all those priests, parishioners and all affected by these changes…we ask for God’s grace to see us through these changing times. Let us not forget that the center of our faith is the Risen Lord: priests come and go…mass schedules change…buildings get old and crumble…but the Risen Lord of Easter continues to be the One we place our trust in from now until life eternal!


Have a good week!

Father Jim.





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